"One moving melody after another, salt-of-the-earth vocals, and true lyrical artistry. As a musician, and as a human, Sarah Fiore simply glows."


Best Female Solo Artist (2023)

Best Songwriter (2023)

Sarah was honored to be named Best Songwriter of 2023 by the Central PA Music Awards at the fifth annual awards ceremony held on March 28th 2024. She was also thrilled to be named Best Female Solo Artist for the second consecutive year.

New release

Sarah Fiore's latest work of love and art, Appalachia Blues (2023), is a touching lineup of indie folk songs that reach into every corner of the human heart, and offer light.

The album leans autobiographical, weaving stories of loss, rediscovery, and opening up to new love again. The opening track, Lonesome Sparrow–a bright, folk-pop love song about the beckoning of new love, unexpected–might just get you swaying, and was selected as a finalist in the 2023 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Contest and a semi-finalist in Unsigned Only (2023).  

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